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GeoHeli Services in Nebraska: Handling The Logistics Behind General Construction Using Helicopters

GeoHeli’s Omaha area service capabilities are too exhaustive to list. We are routinely contracted for external load operations weighing anywhere from 100 lbs to 22,000 lbs, with most requests on the lower end of that spectrum. Here is a sampling of our general construction & precision external load operations, including links to additional details about select services.

GeoHeli covers a wide array of construction utility services, all over Nebraska. With varied experience, we have specialists prepared for every scenario. Construction, maintenance, surveys, transportation, and more. If it is possible, we can complete it with relative ease, efficiency, and all proper safety precautions. Call 855-712-3156 today for your free, dedicated helicopter logistics representative.

Last-Minute Scheduling

We’ve satisfied numerous clients who called us with a short-notice deadline. Because our logistics experts have a pilot’s relevant knowledge, we are more responsive than the competition.

The Only Unbiased Helicopter Contractor

We select the ideal pilot, aircraft, and equipment for your helicopter charter, lift, spray, or service request. Rather than own a limited, biased helicopter fleet, we vet and contract helicopter operators to ensure we have access to virtually every helicopter solution.

The benefits of aerial cranes depend upon the project requirements, and we are capable of any external and internal load transport within our helicopter specific requirements. Generally, helicopter benefits are allocated to categories: (1) Ease of use (2) Time & Cost Efficiency, & (3) Safety.

  • Because we eliminate many of the ground crane specific restrictions (e.g. counter balance weights, outrigger pads, sling angle, Nebraska terrain) and take all helicopter specific factors into account (e.g. aircraft load limits, fuel consumption, pilot experience), helicopters are the easiest available option.
  • Fifteen lifts per hour delivers time efficiency for businesses that need projects completed within a short time frame, while offering cost efficiency for projects with numerous picks.
  • With virtually non-existent injuries and accidents, helicopters significantly reduce common crane accident causes - such as electrocution from cranes contacting a power source, boom swings without extended outriggers, and exceeding lift capacity. Helicopters save lives by replacing crane operations.

Some general contractors are still under the misconception that helicopters are only used in remote areas for large construction materials and precise drops in confined project sites. We started GeoHeli to educate clients around Omaha and other areas, and now our loyal clients know to call us for every project - not just those that can’t be done with other methods. Even where a crane or other service can be used, helicopters are often the best option.

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